Senin, 11 April 2011

Pukul Sapu Ceremony

Tradition at the broom held once a year on 7 Shawwal. This year was held on 8 October. Culture that has survived hundreds of years has its roots in perjuagan Kapitan Telukabessy who led the struggle against the people of Maluku VOC years 1636-1646. After being defeated, Kapitan Telukabessy sentenced to death. His forces then dissolve itself by a broom at.
This tradition is then survived until now in the village of Morella and Mamala, Leihitu District, Central Maluku district, Maluku Province. The youths and adult men participated in at the broom in Morella and Mamala. Participate at the broom is the pride and virility test as a man.
The event was watched by thousands of citizens of the Moluccas and several foreign tourists. Participants were divided into two groups, each consisting of 20 persons. Each fighter stood face to face with fighters from other groups in the middle of the arena-sized lapagan footballs. Every person holding the stick shaft enau to disabetkan. Lidi new replaced if damaged or broken.
The group hit a turn, retreated a few steps to take distance of a stick. Participants from groups opposed to standing, raising his stick above his head and allow the body to disabet stick. When the referee blew the Pluit, participants menyabetkan stick into the opponent’s body accompanied by shouts penggugah spirit.
Sabetan stick, leaving the leather stripes on the waist, chest, and back. Bleeding from the torn skin. Kerenyitan pain looked at the faces of the participants. Turn to hit the switch after the opponent backwards cornered kedekat spectators surrounding the arena.
“In this tradition there is no grudge, because at the broom is a symbol of brotherhood. The fighters from different parts of Maluku, Gowa (South Sulawesi) and Mataram (Java) had united against the invaders here, “said Abdul Kadir Latukau, King Affairs Morella.
The wounds on the body of participants at the broom is a symbol of unity in memory of the fighters under the command of Kapitan Telukabessy.

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